Tennessee Mountain Wedding

July 8, 2021

I had the honor of photographing Allie and Slades Tennessee mountain lake’s wedding on June 1st of 2021.

First, this gorgeous venue had an eco-friendly earth dome that the bridal party got ready in while enjoying the mountain air. There were mimosas and a lot of laughs present while the bridal party were getting ready! Secondly, the groom’s party got ready in a tree hour set above the lake with a view. Slade is a fan of bluegrass and folk and also serenaded his party with music while they read and drank coffee.

Next, during the ceremony the sound of a live bluegrass band was a perfect fit for a Tennessee mountain wedding. In addition their dog, who was the flower boy, was an adorable addition to the whole day.

After their photos and during their reception, they had BlackBird doughnuts and live Scottish dancing to celebrate the wedding. The Scottish dancing was a hit and there ended up being an encore for two more dances as the night went on. Lastly, to end their reception there was a sparkler send off then the pair went to start their honeymoon spending the night at the on site eco-freindly earth dome!

Final Thoughts

In Conclusion, I loved about their day was that they truly were present with each other and their guest. Whether that was going table by table at the reception to say hi, or taking a moment with just them to look out at the lake, they made their day their own. I hope future clients can take a page out of their book, disregard what they think they have to do becuase of traditions, and enjoy their day fully.